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Riptile Scare

I was around friends and family, out somewhere vacationing or having fun and came to a room where there was either an alligator or a crocodile seemingly agitated. The room had some shelve kind of things on the walls, and I climbed up high for safety. This animal was down below roaming, but it disappeared. I came down and then noticed that instead of the alligator, there was scary snake in the room with one of my cats present. I was wondering how to get rid of it so does not harm any one, and my best bet seem to be killing it. So I found a high velocity air-riffle but struggled to find pallets for it and somehow I did find a small can of pallets and loaded the riffle ready to take out the snake. Now the snake is hiding can I can't get a shot. It does under the blanket on a bed and my cat is sitting on top of the bed. I moved blanket around and found the snake to be rather small and not as scary so I did not shoot it. In this midst I went outside and saw a poster on a wall about a pet snake missing. I felt so glad that it was just that so I spoke with a stranger about it and the stranger said it was his snake so he came and took the now even smaller and cute looking snake way.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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