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My Cat Choked

I was with extended family, a get together. My cousin was making something that was made with flower doe. Everyone was in the kitchen helping out and chit chatting. I took a small piece of doe and rolled it in to a ball and my cat came meowing. He wanted to smell the doe that was in my hand, so I let him smell it, but he suddenly threw his paws and grabbed it from my hand and tried to eat it.I reached and tried take the doe away from him, but he managed to separate chunk from it and rushed to swallow it. He started to choke on it, and tried to throw it out, it was not working. After a few of his attempts to throw it up, I became concerned and told my wife that the cat is not well. I tried to help him by squeezing his mid chest area and my wife told me that is not how you do Heimlich Maneuver on a cat. I told her I don't know how it's done, but I am trying. At this point the cat spoke. He said "thanks guy for doing this". I kept trying but the cat became motionless and I got scared, woke up.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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