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Trump In The Plaza

I was in a shopping plaza, mall of some sort. There was a high-end department store. My office was located nearby and I was out at the plaza for lunch with coworkers. As I was walking back to the office, I saw one coworker going for jog but wearing a weird exercise pants. Somehow I ended up back at the plaza and saw that people were gathering outside the department store for an event. I was told that Donald Trump was going to be there to make a statement or something like that. Crew were setting up the venue with cameras, lights, audio systems, backdrops, chairs, etc. I was aske to help out with the camera and lighting, so I asked around whether there were any professional camera crew there, but there were none, so I enlisted the help of a few people there to move things around, had someone sit in the focal point as a prop so I can test the lighting and the camera angle and noticed that some women from the department store had dressed up in Christmas festive attire and positioned themselves with some colorful banners behind the stage area and it looked super nice. I was amazed how much people were interested and excited about this event. Dream somehow moved on and I did not see Trump or any statements.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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