Masoud Safi

Disarmed Man While Having to Blow My Nose

I was in West Los Aneles, standing in the center divider on Sepulveda Blvd using a camera taking a shot of the west bound view. Then crossed over to the side of 7-Eleven store and noticed a South American man holding a revolver hand-gun and laying around by the sidewalk where people are walking by. I did not feel safe so I notified the cops, but they were not of much help either. I went inside an apartment building where I used to live and felt the need to use the bathroom and blow my nose but realized I don't live there any more and can't really ask anyone to let me in to their bathroom. Turned around exited by the west side car part to see another South American man laying on the sidewalk but injured from a gun shot wound. At this time my nose is bothering my a whole a lot more, and try to blow it so I am not with a runny nose bit it was not working. I went by the large trash bin in the corner to work on blowing my nose when the man with the gun appeared. I reached out, grabbed the gun and convinced the guy that if he cooperated with the cops, he will get better treatment by them now that he has shot a man he needs to be nicer. He was complying so I had him faced down on the ground when the cops arrived. Woke up and realized what the nose blowing problem was all about, I had a major congestion and had to go and blow my nose to get some relief.

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By Masoud Safi

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