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Trade Show & Mercedes Benz

My wife and I had to attend a trade show, there were various talks. I did not attend any of them, instead hangout outside the venue where there were a couple of dozen Hispanic/illegal immigrant street vendors who all offered the same thing. They had piles of fresh leak and were cooking them chopped up with eggs as omelette. I wanted to try it, but did not trust the food safety of the vendors, but came up to a cabin that also offered the same and decided to buy from there. It was good but lots of food. Then there was someone who I con't know but met at the convention center, who had an classic Mercedes Benz sedan with a diesel engine. I got in his car to go not sure where, but he had to backup his card for some distance to get on the road, and in the process he noticed some gauges out of the normal range, so he sopped and we started look at the problem. He said there is something wrong with a vacuum system, but I was not sure if the car was equipped with such a system and suspected a pre-ignition heater issue. Don't recall the rest of this dream.

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