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Jihadis Attacking Americans

My wife and I came out of a restaurant and heard some gun shots. Then more and more gun shorts. I felt something serious was going on so I held my wife's hand and rushed to get a way, but realized that we are moving towards the source of gun shots, so we climbed some stairs in a building and got to the roof area. A Muslim man seem to have climbed from the side of the wall and saw us on the roof and threw a light bulb size glass or plastic container towards us. It was dark yellow colored container. I initially thought it was a hand grenade so I quickly threw it back towards him but it bounded and fell off the roof to the ground and broke like a glass light bulb would but a yellow colored mist came out of it. I thought was some sort of poisonous gas or chemical, but it did not come towards us and dissipated. Meanwhile more and more gun shots were heard and I saw someone who was shot in the right foot and was trying to get away. I pulled a handgun I was carrying and had it ready as we tried to get away so we climbed back down to find the car. As we got back on the ground, I realized that this was a Jihadi attack on streets with many tens of Muslims attacking people with guns and throwing around the same device that was thrown at us and people were getting harmed. I managed return fire and get some of them but soon I ran out of ammo, so I grappled with one of the attackers got his riffle away and used it to return fire on other attackers when I saw that some of them were armed with blades and knives. I ran out of ammo again and tried to get the riffle from another attacker and during grapple another one fired at me and I got shot. I woke up.

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