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Lunch With Celebrities

My wife and I were having lunch with two film stars, Keanu Reeves, and someone else called Matt Goldman who I don’t know in waking life.They were complaining to us about how rotten the Hollywood film industry is.Then my wife and I were in a very luxurious black Mercedes-Benz with some other female celebrities, and some metropolis.The celebrities suggested that we go to a nearby high-rise building where they have a lounge and a bar on the roof. We agreed and headed out that way on foot, I realized I forgot my wallet in the car, so I went back to the car but then realized my wallet was on me just in a different pocket, so I turned around to go and find my wife and those celebrities, exiting the building I had to go through some police lines they were providing security.I arrived at the other building, they required me to buy a ticket to get in, but don’t recall what happened after that.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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