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Bad Cop And Wellness Check

I could not reach my brother who lives alone with his few pets and became concerned. I decided to call the cops for a wellness check on him. At some point after calling the cops and asking for a wellness check, I became concerned about cops possibly hurting him so I decided to get in my car and drive there to meet make sure all is well and send the cops back on their way. When I got there, I found that my brother now has a very large snake and a cobra for pets. The large snake had his cat halfway in it's mouth, while my brother was taking a shower. I grabbed a small wooden stick and tapped the snake in the head and forced it to spit out the cat. I had the garage door open as I was busy with saving the pet from the pet and saw the cops arrive. It was night time. It turned out to be a Sheriff deputy with some other deputies and as soon as he got to the garage, he threw some restraining device around me and put me through sobriety test while I was protesting that I am the person who called the cops to begin with but to no avail. I woke up and thought to myself that dreams are playground for the real-life events and it thought me that a wellness check by cops could go wrong and better to avoid it.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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