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Magical World

My wife and I were traveling, don't know where but at stop along the way, we saw two long sacks with zippers long the length. I unzipped on of them and my wife unzipped the other. We did not know what it was by unzipping them they split into two elongated sacks. After a few moments of laying there on the ground, they turned in to somewhat of a holographic dogs and started to run up and down the road as we watched. Suddenly they enter in to the hillside and disappeared for a moment but then popped back in and they seem to be able to travel through rocks and dirt effortlessly. Suddenly the whole world turned in to a silvery kaleidoscopic kind of magical world, everything was made up of these star shaped bright and slow spinning things. Then some floating objects also made up of the same material started to fly around us and many came close to us. We did not know what they were and by looking around we felt a bit uneasy and claustrophobic because we did not recognize anything about it. It was disorienting. I then realized that this is done by a machine that I can turn off. Some other people nearby also complained that it was causing them to feel disoriented. We liked the amazement of what we were saying so I told the other people that it would have been nice if at least the 180 degrees of the word behind us was the natural world that we are used to so we can turn and look behind us and get orientated. I decided to go to the machine and turn it off. When I did all that disappeared.

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