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Mom Doing Uber Driving

I was at home and my late mom who was doing Uber and she had an electrical car made in the Czech Republic. I asked her to give me a ride to a place nearby, but I drove her car and realized that the heater was on full blast, so I asked my mom if she was cold? She said no the previous customer she had was cold so she blasted the heater. We arrived to where she was to drop me off, and I was going to later take Uber to go back home. Mom asked me for a cigarette but I realized I had left my pack at home as well as my phone and wallet. Mom realized that she also forgot her phone in my house. So I asked her to go back to my house and we have some food there, smoke a cigarette and then she can resume her work and she agreed. We arrived at my house and I was wondering what to feed her. I was concerned that the meal I cooked the night before could give her acid and then woke up.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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