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Mobbed By Thugs

I was at a lobby, perhaps a business. There was an ATM in a corner, and I saw a bunch of young protester thugs who came to me and surrounded me, demanding something. I had $30 in cash and they were demanding that give them money for whatever cause they were protesting for. I was not ready to have it so, I asked them to leave me along but they grew agitated and got closer. Probably around 6~7 of them. So I decided to go on the offensive and disperse them before they attack me and manged to hit 3 of them, somewhat entry so they don't get hurt but seem like it was not hard enough as they were coming back at me, so I hit them again, this time real hard and they somewhat dispersed and I decided to leave before further escalation, so I ran a short distance and got away from them.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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