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Insect Borrowed In My Lip

It felt like there was something in the left corner of my lips and I removed it with my fingers and looked at it, they were two small pieces that looked like an insects egg. I was wondering why they were there, so l went to use a mirror and look at my lip where the eggs were and saw that on the inner side of my lower lip there was something under the skin. I decided to pull it out, so I broke the skip and what I pulled out was a tick looking insect that has borrowed there. I put the insect on the palm of my hand to take a good look and it ripped the skin on my hand. I picked it up again and showed it to my cousin who is a doctor and asked him what it was and why it was on my lip, he had no idea. I then went somewhere else and there was a war/street fight going on but don't recall much of that segment.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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