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Naked Again

I wanted to take a shower so I started the hot water faucet to drain the cold water before I get hot water and while the water was running I started to do something else. My wife alerted me to flooding the room and I went to close the faucet, noticed that the faucet was just poring water in to the room, there was no bath tub or shower room. I was surprised but scrambled to find towels to dry up the water and could not find any so I rant outside looking for things so I ended up somewhere away from home and found a large curtain and decided to go back but ran in to a lady who I did not know and she was telling me to use towels instead. Then I noticed that I was naked, so ran back in to this other house that was not mine to find something to cover myself, but found nothing, so I covered myself as best as I could with the curtain that I had but the woke up.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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