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Chinese Emperor Castle Blew Up

China was an empire in my dream. I was invited there as part of an American delegation to visit and meet up with the emperor. We were in a castle. There were many other people there, and tables of food was setup but my attention was drawn to three different kinds of fresh grapes there. The emperor was in his seat or flat bed thing he was relaxing on when suddenly there was an explosion in one of the large watch towers of the castle in a corner, smoke and debris were blowing out. Suddenly there was a huge commotion, people running around, mass evacuation of the castle was underway. I found a revolver, a six shooter, but only four bullets so I loaded it for self protection. An armed guard came by and I disarmed him and then realized it was a lady. We got out of there but not sure what happened to the emperor.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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