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Crazy Bus Driver

I was on a bus, and a young man was driving it. Not sure where we were going but he was driving rather fast and at some point he decided to leave the driver seat to poke his head out of one of the windows and check the status of a tire. The bus was headed towards an area where people were on the sides of the road and other other buses were also parked on the side of the road. I become weary that the bus might collide with either a parked bus or hit people on the side of the road so I jumped behind the wheel and applied the brakes as much as I could to slow down the bus. The bus slowed down and I was able to steer it safely on the road and parked it passed the people and other buses. I was rather angry at the young bus driving for being so crazy and talked to him about it. Then he resume his driving and we were passing by Hollywood in CA and then approached the downtown Los Angeles area as he was briefing me on where we are and I told him that I used to work in that area some twenty years ago. Don't recall what else happened in this dream.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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