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Strange Body Slamming Sport

I was in some sort of sporting event, and I was sitting next three African people and talking to them. The man sitting to my left said his brother's mom passed away, and I was wondering what he is saying an then realized that maybe he had a brother from different mother but same father. Then the sporting event started and it was a strange one. The game was for one competing athlete to lay on a cushioned table top and for the other to run from some 30 feet away and jump in to the air then land on the torso of competitor laying on the table and and see how long the athlete on the table is going to be in pain and unable to get up. Then the jumping athlete would lay on the table while the other competitor would run, jump and on the other guy. The winning competitor and most cheered one was this shorter guy wearing a white tank-top and black shorts with large round glasses. I just thought this was a very weird sport.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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