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Submarine On Land

I was in my backyard and heard some noises from the corner by my neighbor and went to investigate and noticed that water was coming out of the drain pipe in the ground. Then I heard some radio or telephone type of communication that was coming out of the drain pipe. I asked who is it, and to repeat what they were saying? The voice from the other side said sorry we surfaced under your backyard, we are under attack, call and notify the Pentagon. So I started wondering, is this a submarine that surfaced from deep water under my backyard? The water keeps coming and flooding the backyard. My wife came by and I shared with her what I heard and told her that it is impossible to have a submarine surface under our backyard, we live hundreds of miles away from the ocean or any large body of water. Then I saw there was a train track behind my house with a train parked on it. I climbed the train to get away from the growing flood of water and walked on it's platform to get to the building of my house and then climbed a latter to get to the second floor of my house. As I got the second floor I saw a weird creature trying to swallow a large round looking frog, but could not since the frog was larger than the creature. I was wondering what that creature was, and suddenly the creature give up on eating the frog, spat it out and tried to jump on me, but I was able to deflect and drop it downstairs in the backyard. The frog suddenly looked like another unfamiliar weir creature and it tried to jump on me, I did the same and got rid of it. The body of water in the backyard was growing, many other neighbors were also outside wondering as to what was happening.

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