Ronna Krueger Meredith

" Camping "

Going camping at the beach with many people. I see two bulls in the water near the shore. I worry that they will be dangerous. They change to a bull and cow. Less dangerous. Kahlua is there. I worry that she will bark at them. Danger. I scoop her up into the building. New location same people. We are in a house. I say I have to buy groceries and supplies. I decide to take a bath. Everyone goes in another part of house. Bath is on narrow stairs. Toilet in separate bottom . I come upstairs not fully dressed thinking no one is there but I'm surprised by a man who at first is Howard Musche. He's looking down but I'm not sure if he saw me. Embarrassing I go back to stairs tub. I come up dressed. At kitchen table is 2 Japanese or Asian children. Older sister is cutting fruit for brother. I've never seen it before. I ask to try some

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By Ronna Krueger Meredith

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