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Joe Biden Got Lost

I was outside somewhere, and saw a car, like a 90's Buick sedan that was stuck in the dirt on the other side of the sidewalk. I went to assist and saw that the driver was Joe Biden. People were surrounding the car and some were filming him and his inability to get the car unstuck. I don't like Joe, but since he is elderly and in a bad shape, decided to help him. I got him unstuck and he seem to not know how to get to his house. Asked to get in his car and help him get home. I did. As he was driving, in every turn he would lose control and go off the road, into the farm fields and dirt. I asked if he wanted me to drive, and he was delighted. He could not tell me where he lives, and stated that his entire family got hooked on cocaine and got brain issues. So I drove him to the town and parked by a very big and some one luxury antique shop. A sales man came out and seem to love Joe and started talking to him. I asked if he knew where his house was and he said yes. He shared Joe's address with me and I put it in my phone navigation. Don't recall the rest.

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By Anonymous Dream Explorer

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